About Us

While we are a new store on Shopify but we have been selling beads, findings, and other jewelry making supplies for the last 29 years thru our wholesale business as Eagle International of Longwood Inc. and its online store beadwholesaler.com. Eagle International and beadwholesaler.com requires minimum purchase per order. It has been our desire and goal for many years to have an online store where customers can purchase whatever they need to purchase without having to meet our minimum order requirements. That's why we have created this store, beadprism.com on this Shopify platform which doesn't have a minimum order requirement. 

We wholesale over 10,000 products on beadwholesaler.com and currently, we have only a portion of those products at beadprism.com. Our goal is to bring as many products as possible and as soon as possible to beadprism.com platform.

Please be assured that when you purchase from beadprism.com that you are getting the same excellent quality products and excellent service that Beadwholesaler.com/Eagle International of Longwood, Inc. has been providing since 1992.

We also have a store on etsy. You can visit our etsy store at http://beadprism.etsy.com

We can also be reached at 407-370-2929 and our hours are 10AM to 4PM on weekdays, excluding national holidays but the best way to contact us is by emailing us at beadprism@beadwholesaler.com.