10 Pcs Buddha Charm Pendant Silver Plated - PBF320SP

$5 for 10 Pcs Silver Plated Buddha Charm. Based Metal is Alloy. Comes with Jumpring. Price per piece comes to $0.50.

This little charm features a blossoming lotus opening its petals to reveal the presence Buddha and his teachings.

Size: 16 x 9mm
Made in China
Silver Plated over Alloy
Style # PBF320SP

In Buddhist Temples Buddha is often depicted with Lotus Flower underneath him. Besides being aesthetically pleasing blossoming Lotus represents life lessons that a Buddhist inspire to live by. Spiritually Lotus symbolizes purity of spirit. The muddy water and dirt does not stop Lotus from rising about them, come out and blossom like a flower of great beauty and purity.,

For this reason Buddha used the lotus as a simile in his preaching. He compared the striving humans spirit to the lotus to inspire us to make greater efforts to attain Nirvana.

"He who is low-born may develop and improve himself like the lotus growing out of the mire. The followers of the Buddha shine above others through their wisdom like the lotus." Buddhist saying.

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