10 Pc Lotus Flower Charm Pendant 15mm Made in USA Lead Free Pewter Silver Buddha Yoga Charm - PPP852

10 pc Lotus Flower Charm Pendant Pewter Lead Free.

Material : Pewter
Style # PPP852
Made in USA
Size: 15mm X 18mm ( Not including Jump Ring)

Jump ring is included.
The Lotus Flower is associated with purity and beauty in both Buddhism and Hinduism while the ancient Egyptians associated the flower with rebirth and the sun.

Spiritually Lotus symbolizes purity of spirit. The muddy water and dirt does not stop Lotus from rising about them, come out and blossom like a flower of great beauty and purity.,

For this reason Buddha used the lotus as a simile in his preaching. He compared the striving humans spirit to the lotus to inspire us to make greater efforts to attain Nirvana.

"He who is low-born may develop and improve himself like the lotus growing out of the mire. The followers of the Buddha shine above others through their wisdom like the lotus." Buddhist saying.

In many eastern cultures especially Buddhism the Lotus Flower symbolizes spiritual awareness. It symbolizes enlightenment. Wearing a Lotus Flower pendant is a wonderful reminder of our own individual, unfolding spiritual journey.

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