120 Swarovski/Preciosa Birthstone Charms Gold Plated - 10 of each month CC6G-SET120

Complete set 12 months 10 Pieces each month, Total 120 charms - Swarovski Channel Gold Plated Birthstone Charms in Birthstone colors for Personalized Necklaces.

Bulk Buying saves you money.

Besides Birthstone colors we also offer these in :Crystal AB, Light Rose( Girl), Light Sapphire(boy), and Jet.

Crystal size is 6mm (SS29).

These are also known as Swarovski 57700 or 157700S29TO 1128 6mm Gold-Plated Channel Drops. Our Swarovski Crystal Channel Drops Birthstone Charm enhances personalized stamped jewelry and charm bracelets. Add Swarovski Crystal Drops Charms to your hand stamped pendant.

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