Swarovski 2028 Foiled Flatbacks SS12 Siam AB No Hotfix Rhinestones, Choose Quantity

You will get one pack of 2 Gross (288 pieces) OR 5 Gross (720 pieces) of rhinestones in SIAM color with Aurore Boreale coating. This is the 2028 style model which everybody loved so much. These are about 3.1mm round. Flat Backs No Hotfix can be easily applied to a wide range of carrier materials, where ironing is not possible. They are durable, long lasting and versatile. This makes them the ideal decoration for watches, accessories, picture frames, bags, electronic devices, pens and pencils, fingernails etc. They are available in a multitude of colors. SS12 size stone is about 3.1mm in diameter. Foiled Hotfix Crystals, Choose Your Package Size.

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