Swarovski Crystal #6328 Top Drilled Bicone Beads 6mm, Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2X Wholesale Packs

You will get (one Pack of 24 pieces, 72 pieces, OR 144 pieces) of 6mm 6328 Genuine Swarovski Crystals in Crystal Metallic Light Gold color with 2X coating. This is the 6328 style model which everybody loved so much. These are about 6mm Faceted Top Drilled Bicone Crystals - thread hole size of 1.0mm - BeadWholesaler is an Approved Swarovski U.S. Supplier which has been selling beads and crystals for many years via our own online store. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, fast dispatch and outstanding customer service. We Only offer Genuine High Quality Products from renowned brands and suppliers. ( Choose Your Package Size. )

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