Tibetan Om Ohm Pendant, Brass and Turquoise Inlay, Yoga Pendant, Gold Ohm Om Pendant - AP103-MOP

This Tibetan Om Pendant has Turquoise inlay and a brass om in the center.

37mm x 8mm

Due to the use of natural materials, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in size and color. This is a stock photo.

Need Larger quantities, Please Convo with me.

Om is the symbol of Yoga and represents the relationship of us(humans) with universe. The top curve represents our conscious self ( what we think we are) and the bottom curve is our subconscious self. The dot on top pf crescent moon symbolizes ultimate reality and where we wish to be stress-free and increasing our spiritual being to be one with our natural surroundings. The crescent moon is the barrier between our worldly being and spiritual being.

By practicing meditating and chanting Om we strive for balance and tuning with our higher self of conscious being.

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